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Short films showcasing Puerto Rico's Best. AskWalter about the island tourism sites and options on how to "Make it Happen" while vacationing the Caribbean, specifically Puerto Rico archipelago. AksWalter for short film answers. You can text AskWalter to 6092002421 to request access to a video answering system. Come up to the island and have a real life experience. While at that, make your very own story and take it home. Text AskWalter 609-200-2421 and get a fast response to your most needed resource. You can always email Walter at Get your film story while Puerto Rico. Per your request, you get a 1 or 2 person crew to create your short film while vacationing Puerto Rico. Just text us "AskWalter" to 609-200-2421 Visit and grab your Puerto Rico Family Weekend contest. Also subscribe to this vodcast… Puerto Rico's Best. Welcome to Puerto Rico.
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May 25, 2015

A deep overview, literally, moving thru and around the island up to the deepest point. The Puerto Rican Trench.

Puerto Rico’s Trench

Mar 8, 2015

Silence, yes... human silence. A twenty minute walk into a world you probably forgot it exist.

Mar 7, 2015

Como se logra el grado de AGUILA?

Escuchemos la historia!

Jan 27, 2015

We are getting together an exciting 21 days expedition accross Puerto Rico and you are invited. We are departing, check this out... Friday 19th June 2015 at 0700 AM. 

You can catch up in our route when ever you get here withing those 21 days. We are producing a film enroute. Participating implies your authorization for us to release the film to the public with no economics rights unless agree upon whith, LLC.

You will get the full movie free to do with it as you wish. Yes, you can sell it, make copies, give it away. The only thing you are not allowd is to sign any kind of right over any entity or person. 
Now, if you will like to be part of the production team, or be an a start-up “Angel”, now there you have an investment and surely will have a compensation per percentage of participation.
A contract will be drafted. 
Let's do this!
Send us an email on your take on this project at:
Jan 26, 2015
Simple life is real living. Here Samuel Lind and Walter Rivera Santos are sharing the experience of drinking coconut water.
Samuel says the coconut is part of the Loiza culture.
Jan 24, 2015

Unique family site out in the mountains of a picturesque town named Adjuntas. Artisan Pizzas prepared with leña (wood) fire oven. The house drink, Leñazos,  is a Mojito base on natural ingredients from Puffay’s farm.

Who is behind this family site?
Mr. Luciano, nicknamed Puffay, an artisan by trade, and his brother. 
El Campo es Leña opens Friday and Saturday (1500 - 0000) Sunday (1300-0000)
 Call Puffay: 787-632-1235
Located at Vegas Arriba, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico 00601
Road 521, Kilometer 7.8
Jan 24, 2015
 She is a poet by heart. Born in Adjuntas, her husband went out to work in the US. That suffering was the seed back in 1987, to bring out her poet within.
Three books, Soledad en Tres Tiempos, Una Melodia de Ternura and Amamantando el Tiempo are books born of her love for the country and her family.
She did incursion on radio, “Versos de Mi Terruno” She is also a singer.
Contact Data
Phone: 860-518-5522
Jan 23, 2015
Danny monumental Mural work in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA
Text: From Philadelphia, PA, USA, in a very cold day, talking to Danny Torres, a versatil artist from Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. 
He created a great variety of “Murales” across the city of Philadelphia. The main theme is the typical life of the Puerto Rican from the 40’s to the 60’s/ 
We are inside a private building named La Fortaleza. It is a Gym and a Physical Therapy center. The owner, Jose Rivera, ordered a mural related to the name of his building, La Fortaleza. 
The mural represent an afternoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It shows El Morro wall with a Garrita. 
To create the 3D section, he used foam. That concetp was first used at a local school project order. He did like the outcome.
We intent to go over his murals over the city. We got just to three of them. Here’s just the first one for now. 


A great work to take home as a canvas. 
Jan 22, 2015

While at the Bahia-Hurbana, get to Know Cartoonist and Portraits Artist, Carlos Ferrer He will offer a few guitar tones to sweeten your life.

The Old San Juan new Bahia-Urbana, is a refreshing site, an active tourist spot. In this occasion, we got to talk to cartoonist and portrait artist Carlos Ferrer. There with his wife Carmen, happy and relax, see the video,playing the guitar while serving you. He works his art in both Old San Juan by the Cruses Pier 1-4 and in Ponce by the historic Firehouse at the center of the city in Plaza Las Delicias. His phone: 787-448-0054.
Jan 21, 2015
Adjuntas, a town up in the central montain ranges of Puerto Rico. Temperature could drop to 50 degrees. Moment where a good quality cup of coffe is mandatory.
Well, there, right in the town square, Marcos Montijo presents the option, coffee and various kinds of nice pastries. You can call Marcos Montijo at 787-717-6737.
Jan 20, 2015

The Ponce Lion-Mini Club in Adjuntas

Happy people… they enjoy Puerto Rico as an organized club, traveling to those exotic, sometimes unknown sites as often as two or three times a month.
Yes, life is good when you get out there and live a life. 
Have a Mini Cooper? Contact Enrrique Segarra and be part of Ponce MINI LION Club.
His phone: 787-238-2365 (Spanish Speaking) Visit their Facebook page MINI LION
Jan 19, 2015
 48 Years of Quality Food Service | Harry Marrero | Vivian Lopategui
Rancho Marina restaurant is one of four deep into the Dos Bocas lake in Utuado, Puerto Rico, 00641.
It is a family business operating for over 48 years. Mr. Harry Marrero is the chef and his wife, Mrs. Vivian Lopategui is the one overseen the full operation. She delivers that personal touch to each customer making the unique experience one to cherish. 
Hours of Operation
Rancho Marina is open on weekends, and federal holidays. 
Also serves two straight weeks on July.  October is a vacation month for Rancho Marina Restaurant.
Contact Data
Facebook Page:
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