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Adventures and Cultural Tours are excitingly useful for life when staying with local families. Here's your useful tourism experience, away from the hotel rush and into the inner family life experiences. Puerto Rico Family Trips is a heart moving unique adventure your family will enjoy in a new way, a better one. Welcome to Puerto Rico.
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San Sebastian Pineapple

Yes, those are Pineapples from San Sebastian, PR. A great place to be for a couple of days.

Stay tuned, I will be there in January 2015. Will get all their wonder sites out to you along with the people who will take care of you and your family when you get there. see, is always nice to know the places your are to visit and the people in front of the businesses there.  That’s my job for you.
You can ask me about sites in Puerto Rico. I will gladly send you a link to a video from that area. 

Dec 18, 2014

Samuel Lind, pintor y escultor de Loiza, PR, comparte su taller y su philosofia de vida desde su studio en Loiza, Puerto Rico.

Arte Vivo Samuel Lind Show Art Studio es profundo. Puede ver el video en http://www.waltersites.com/samuel-lind-art-studio-video/ 
Contactelo en loizano@hotmail.com
Tel: 787-876-1494